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ATF – Checking the 15 Minute Wait Box

We are often asked the proper way to address the 15 minute wait check box in Step 3 of the DOT Alcohol Testing Form. ODAPC has informally stated that “the intent of the 15 minute wait boxes in Step 3 of the Federal ATF was for the BAT to indicate whether or not the 15...

Keeping updated with DOT and ODAPC

What is the best way to stay current with DOT regulatory changes and updates? The best way to keep up to date with DOT and ODAPC (besides checking this blog frequently, of course!) is to sign up for e-mail updates directly from the source. This is a free service...

Course updates

Intox Training Academy has recently launched our new Online Training modules, and have revised our classroom courses accordingly. We are now offering a ½-day BAT/EBT course (201) and a 2-day BAT/EBT/Instructor course (301) for customers using the new Alco-Sensor VXL...

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