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Training at Intox Training Academy includes the basics of a Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) and also covers procedures for performing Accuracy Checks for your Alco-Sensor VXL. Understanding these procedures is very important to the health of your Testing Program, and its defensibility. For that reason, we are sharing the video clip below, directly from our training program, as a refresher on these procedures. 

Accuracy Check vs Calibration

Remember, an Accuracy Check and a Calibration are two different procedures. An Accuracy Check (also known as a Calibration Check or an External Calibration Check) is a routine procedure to verify that your instrument is functioning accurately. It is performed according to the requirements of your company policy or the Intoximeters QAP.  A Calibration is a repair procedure that is only necessary if the result of an Accuracy Check falls outside of the acceptable tolerance range. Many Intoximeters customers go for long periods of time never needing to perform a Calibration. You must be a trained Calibration Technician to perform this procedure.  More on Accuracy Check vs Calibration.

Air Blanks

In addition, your instrument will perform an Air Blank prior to each Confirmation Test. We sometimes hear Breath Alcohol Technicians incorrectly calling an Air Blank an Accuracy Check or a Calibration. The Air Blank is simply testing your instrument to ensure that no residual alcohol is found in the chambers from the last test performed. The results of an Air Blank should always be .000.

Refresher Training

Don’t forget: Refresher training is recommended every 2 years. Contact us for information on upcoming trainings and training options. In the meantime, enjoy this clip from our training program!



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