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Personal Breathalyzer

Not all breathalyzers are the same, but you maximize accuracy when you choose an Intoximeters breath tester. Trusted the most by Law Enforcement in North America, and in over 90 countries worldwide.

The personal breathalyzer is gaining popularity among adults over 21 who wish to monitor their own alcohol use to avoid driving while legally intoxicated, and also among concerned parents. Intoximeters provides the highest standard of personal breath alcohol testing device on the market. Most breath testers available for personal use are far substandard of the breath testers used by law enforcement, and the results can be drastically inaccurate. At Intoximeters, however, our patented technology fuel cell sensors have led the market for law enforcement alcohol testing since 1945, so an individual is able to purchase the same reliable, accurate device trusted by law enforcement.

For pricing on our breath alcohol testing instruments please contact your local Intoximeters representative, our Inside Sales Department at (314) 429-4000, or request the information through our Product Information Request page.

Personal Breathalyzer Options

For general use, the most cost effective instruments are our handheld units.  They are the least expensive instruments we offer, they are the easiest to use, and these Intoximeters handheld breathalyzers still provide evidential grade accuracy. Unlike many of the personal testing devices that you can find on the internet,  in flight magazines or novelty promotions, these instruments have been tested by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and have proven to meet their requirements for evidential breath testers.  As well, these instruments have stood up to police use for accuracy and durability.


  • Concerned Drivers
  • Concerned Parents
  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Parties
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