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Breath Alcohol Testers

Intoximeters manufactures quality desktop, portable, and handheld breath alcohol testing instruments. Our evidential breath testers are known for their reliability and accuracy, and are trusted in over 90 countries throughout the globe for law enforcement alcohol testing, industry and occupational health breath alcohol testing, and many other applications.

New Instrument pricing can be obtained by contacting Intoximeters Sales (800.451.8639), contacting your Local Representative, or by Requesting a Quote Online. All Intoximeters breath alcohol testers are made in the U.S.A.

Handheld Breath Alcohol Testers

Intoximeters’ Alco-Sensor® line of reliable and accurate handheld breath testing instruments has set the standard for law enforcement and workplace handheld breathalyzers. The Alco-Sensor line includes handheld breath alcohol testers for both screening and preliminary breath testing applications and for evidential use. The Alco-Sensor line, specifically the Alco-Sensor FST®, is also appropriate as a personal breath alcohol tester, for those who want a breath alcohol tester equivalent to those trusted by law enforcement.

All handheld instruments feature Intoximeters’ integrated fuel cell technology for accurate, repeatable results and long instrument life.

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Portable Breath Alcohol Testers

Our portable breath alcohol testing instruments are battery operated, and easily transportable. Used in law enforcement and workplace testing environments, portable breath alcohol test systems are lightweight and ideal for evidential testing applications, printing results, and in many cases mobile data collection.

All of our portable breath alcohol testers feature Intoximeters’ integrated fuel cell technology, for accurate, repeatable results and long instrument life.

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Desktop Breath Alcohol Testers

Intoximeters is the only supplier of evidential breath alcohol testers to offer a full range of desktop style instruments to meet your program needs. Our Intox EC/IR® II, Intox EC/IR® II.t,  Intox DMT® and Alcomonitor CC® instruments are used by some of the most sophisticated programs around the world.

While this class of desktop instruments is traditionally used in stationary applications (i.e. inside an office or police station), we offer a range of instruments capable of meeting the needs of transportable applications (i.e. mobile vans, carrying into a hospital). In addition, most of these products can be configured with advanced communication and data entry accessories to meet the data collection/reporting needs of your breath alcohol test program.

Our Intox EC/IR II, Intox DMT,  Intox EC/IR II.t  and Alcomonitor CC instruments are approved by the United States Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT).  For international approvals, contact Intoximeters, Inc.

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Refurbished Equipment

Intoximeters offers refurbished equipment, including instruments that have been pre-owned, returned or exchanged. The instruments have been recertified at the factory and include a six month warranty.

The extensive re-certification and refurbishment concentrates on the internal components of the instrument, such as the fuel cell. We don’t always have refurbished items in stock. They are quite popular and tend to sell out quickly.

If you would like more information about refurbished instrument, please contact your local sales representative.


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