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Alcomonitor CC®

NOTE: The Alcomonitor CC is only available as a refurbished instrument. Please request product information for details. 
The AlcoMonitor CC is a low cost bench-top Evidential Breath Test (EBT) instrument.  The unit offers automatic sampling, a menu driven test protocol, automatic accuracy checks and calibrations.

Testing protocols available include programs designed for:  the U.S. DOT Workplace Program, Work Release Centers / Probation Offices,  and Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers.

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ApprovalsNHTSAListed on the Conforming Products List for Evidential Breath Measurement Devices.
Electrochemical Sensor (Fuel Cell)Select sensor, manufactured to Intoximeters exacting specifications for accuracy, repeatability and long life.
Measurement Range0.000 to 0.400 g/210LThe off the shelf instrument is designed to offer a range of results that our customers commonly encounter when performing breath alcohol testing.  Custom ranges, and results reported in a most units of measure are available upon request.
Accuracy and PrecisionHighly accurate and precise evidential grade resultsIntoximeters fuel cell based instruments set the industry standard for accuracy and precision.  These precise and linear devices offer consistent output that results in evidentiary grade analysis.
Sensor SelectivityHighly specific for alcoholFuel Cell sensors are sought after for their specificity to alcohol.
Sampling MethodFlow, Volume, Breath DropInstruments running the standard software require a consistent flow, a minimum volume and then a drop in flow before sampling a deep lung breath.  Alternate sample capture algorithms are available in customized programs.
Testing EnvironmentInstrument TemperatureThe temperature of the instrument is self regulated and monitored.
Ambient TemperatureAs long as the instrument is at temperature, the instrument can be used.
Humidity10% to 100% relative humidity  (The instrument is not designed to be used under water.)
Ambient Pressure600 mbar to 1400 mbar; 450 mmHg [0 °C] to 1050 in mmHg [0 °C]
MouthpieceStyleCommon ¼ inch diameter drinking straw.  (one-way check valve built into the instrument)
Data InputKeyboardCustom 12 digit numeric touchpad.
Visual OutputInstrument DisplayTwo line 16 character backlit LCD.
Audio OutputBeeperAudible tone to support displayed messaging system.
Data OutputPrinterExternal Serial Printer  (comes standard with slip printer)
SerialWith  proper software the instrument can communicate via serial modem or directly to computer.
Data StorageNumber of Tests(128K of RAM) Up to 1,000 tests depending upon collected test data.
Power OptionsPower110/60Hz or 230/50Hz, 80 watts.
Case ConstructionAluminumRugged aluminum frame and shell.
Size, Shape and WeightDimensions5.5” x 17.75” x 16.5”
Weight14 lbs  (6,350 grams)
Measurement TypesAutomatic Direct BreathAuto sampling of subjects deep lung breath samples.
Manual Direct BreathManual sampling option for subjects who cannot meet the minimum flow and volume requirements of the instrument.
SecurityPasswordOptional password protection is available.
OptionsPrintersWill interface with most serial printers.  Both slip and roll impact printers are available through Intoximeters.
ModemThis option output device can be purchased from Intoximeters for exporting data over phone lines.
SoftwareThe AlcoMonitor CC data download is supported by IntoxNet.


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