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IntoxNet 6 (version 6.x)

IntoxNet centrally supports a network of Intoximeters instruments. The software facilitates test result transfer to a central, localized database for easy queries and reporting of multiple instruments. IntoxNet supports many of our instruments, including Alco-Sensor IV @Work, RBT IV, Alco-Sensor VXL, Alcomonitor CC, and Intox EC/IR II. Also supports the Alco-Sensor IV with Memory through our Total Recall software.

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IntoxNet can use standards-based encryption in communicating with supported instruments, testing and data collection systems and other IntoxNet hosts.  IntoxNet utilizes secure, multi-factor challenge response authentication.

Supported instruments allow for remote control, waveform download and firmware upgrading.

Automatic Clock Synchronization, Setting Updating and Auditing
Audit instrument settings to maintain strict operational control and tolerances.


Operating System
Microsoft Windows XP® , Microsoft Windows 2003 Server®, Microsoft Windows Vista®,  Microsoft Windows 7®, or Microsoft Windows 8® operating systems.

CPU, Available Hard Disk Space, RAM
Requirements do not exceed the minimum system requirements of the underlying Microsoft Windows®operating system.

Network / Internet Connection
If communicating with instruments or systems similarly equipped.

If dial-up or dial-in hosting communications is desired, the IntoxNet host PC must be equipped with an internal or external 33.6 kbps (or better) modem.

Serial or USB Port
If communications over a direct cable is desired, a USB or 9-pin serial port is required.  A supported USB to serial adapter (purchased separately) must be used when using a USB port.

IntoxNet may optionally be used with Laser printers supported by Microsoft Windows®.

Display (Monitor)
1024 x 768 (or better) True Color resolution




Œ Check with your IntoxNet reseller to ensure your specific instrument model and software supports IntoxNet.

 Not all features and communications methods are supported  by all instrument models and software.  Please contact your IntoxNet sales representative for the specific features supported by your instrument.

Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. in the United States and/or other countries.

The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

IntoxNet® is a communications and database application designed to centrally support the use of Intoximeters breath alcohol testing instruments. The software presents a simple and easy to use graphical interface by which one may initiate and automate communications directly with a network of breath testing instruments, PC applications interacting with handheld instruments or other IntoxNet host computer systems, facilitating test result transfer. Results are stored to a local database.   IntoxNet also offers query and reporting tools allowing for advanced report creation and data export capabilities.


  • Alco-Sensor® VXL
  • Intox EC/IR® II
  • Alco-Sensor® IV (w/ Point of Arrest system)
  • Alco-Sensor IV (w/ Alco-Sensor IV @Work software)
  • Alco-Sensor IV w/ Memory (w/ Alco-Sensor IV Total Recall software)
  • Alco-Monitor CC®Œ
  • RBT IV
  • Intox EC/IR®Œ

Download test results from various Intox breath testing systems and generate reports of testing conducted.


Instrument / Systems Communications
IntoxNet may be used to download breath testing instruments and systems as well as to communicate with other IntoxNet hosts, via serial cable, modem or over a network or Internet connection.  Both outbound and inbound communications options are available.

Data Storage
IntoxNet stores downloaded test results to a queryable database from which results may be reprinted and reports generated.

IntoxNet can wait for incoming calls or be used to automate the unattended polling of instruments.

IntoxNet stores downloaded test results to a queryable database from which results may be reprinted and reports generated.

IntoxNet automates maintaining backups of your critical testing data for recovery in the event of a catastrophic hard disk failure.

Print Reports
Run reports against your database; retrieve instrument test or accuracy history.

Web Reports
Export your test results in HTML or XML.  Apply style-sheet transformations.  Create customized data transformations.

Operator Card Management
Create and maintain an operator card database facilitating uniformity of data collection and control of who may access your testing system as well as certification validity periods.  Operator card revocation lists may be uploaded to supported testing systems.

Details – IntoxNet

Standard with Order

Reorder Part No

Software  20-0100-01 (replacement media)
User Manual, Single CPU License and Software Activation Key
90 Days Telephone Technical Support

Client Access Licenses

IntoxNet supports numerous instrument access options.  CALs (Client Access Licenses) appropriate to the type and quantity of instruments and systems that will be communicating with your IntoxNet host for data transfer must be purchased with each IntoxNet CPU license. See RELATED PRODUCTS section below

Options, Accessories and Supplies

Data Cables

EC/IR-II data cable 28-0180-00
EC/IR-I data cable 28-0110-00
Alco-Monitor CC data cable 28-0110-00 with 28-0090-00

Adapters & Communication Devices

Alco-Sensor V Desktop Cradle 34-0010-00
RBT PC-Modem adapter (for connecting an RBT-IV directly to a PC or to a modem) 28-0007-00
External modem 27-9720-00
Intox DS203 – Ethernet Adapter 27-9780-00
Intox EM – Enhancement Module (6 port USB host hub + Ethernet Adapter for EC/IR-II) 34-1000-00


USB serial adapter (Required for serial connectivity if your PC has USB but does not have a 9-pin serial port)



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