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Intoximeters Training Academy Classroom and Online Courses

Intoximeters Training Academy is the industry’s most trusted provider of workplace and law enforcement breath alcohol testing training courses. We offer in-person classroom courses and convenient online courses.

Our workplace training courses are designed to exceed guidelines set by the regulating authority and are the most thorough and comprehensive breath alcohol technician classes in the industry. Your testing program will benefit from our experienced instructors and thorough classroom and online curriculums; to ensure the most defensible breath alcohol testing program possible. 

Workplace training classes are available to meet the US DOT or NRC or US DOE or USCG or non-regulated testing protocols that mimic the DOT protocol.

Our law enforcement classes are limited to bona-fide representatives of law enforcement organizations using Intoximeters equipment.

We offer operator, calibration technician and instructor courses for workplace and law enforcement customers. 

For law enforcement users, our training programs are designed to distribute general information and is not intended to supersede the local rules for testing and supporting the instruments in the local jurisdiction. For those law enforcement users who wish to service their own instruments, we also offer maintenance classes. 


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Operations training and Maintenance School courses.

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DOT-regulated and non-regulated training. 

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Intoximeters Location

Intoximeters is located at 2081 Craig Road just off of I-270 and Page (Hwy 364), just a few miles southwest of the Airport

Map of Airport & Intoximeters Area


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