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Intox EC/IR® II.t

The Intox EC/IR II.t is a transportable evidential instrument designed to meet the flexible needs of portable testing environments. The instrument’s analytics combine  the advantages of electrochemical fuel cell analysis with the real time analytical advantages of infrared technology. Its lightweight, user-friendly features, easy-to-read display, and internal printer capabilities provide a compact, yet powerful, solution to meet your mobile evidential breath testing needs.

This transportable instrument utilizes advantages of both electrochemical sensor (EC) and infrared sensor (IR) technology. The Infrared system is capable of monitoring in real time, both alcohol and carbon dioxide concentrations in the breath. The electrochemical sensor system is utilized to quantify the alcohol concentration in a breath sample.

Software settings and test database are monitored to insure their integrity. The instrument also contains advanced radio frequency interference immunity and detection, automatic accuracy checks and calibrations using internal gas tank or external simulator, self-diagnostic capabilities, an easy to read display and is capable of remote diagnostics along with centralized data collection using optional IntoxNet software.

Analytical System Utilizes an Intoximeters electrochemical fuel cell sensor which generates an electrical response that is proportional to the alcohol concentration in the provided, fixed volume sample. The fuel sensor is highly selective for alcohol. It does not respond to acetone or other substances found in the human breath after a fifteen minute deprivation period. The instrument also utilizes and infrared detection system to monitor the breath sample for alcohol and carbon dioxide during the provide sample flow.
Measurement Types Direct Test / Manual Sample
Direct Test / Automatic Sample
Measurement Range .000 to .440 g/210L (custom ranges and units of measure are available)
Accuracy and Precision Meets the NHTSA and OIML model specifications for Evidential Breath Test Devices
Supported Calibration System Automatic delivery of Dry Gas. Wet Bath Standards delivery is manual through breath tube.
Environmental Limitations Instrument is designed to be used and has a proven track record in almost any environment that an operator could expose breath alcohol testing instruments to. Instrument operates in a wide range of temperatures, ambient humidity, and atmospheric pressures.
Mouthpiece Available with a check valve built into the one time use mouthpiece
Visual Output
Easy to read, multi-line, backlit LCD
Supported COM I/O
Serial, Parallel, PS2, optional Modem
Print Capable Instrument is available with an optional thermal printer or is capable of working with an off the shelf external printer
Power Options Wall Current – 100-240 VAC
Power for Printer – Instrument provides power for internal printer
Physical Instrument Dimensions – 18.5” x 15” x 6”
Instrument Weight (with batteries) – 15.75 lbs
Approvals NHTSA (US DOT) EBT, OIML, Inquire for list of approved US states or certifications in countries outside of the USA. CE Mark
Standard Package Includes Printed Manual
100 Mouthpieces
Instrument Options
IntoxNet Data Management Software
Heated Simulator Tube
Magnetic Card Reader
Barcode Reader
Digital Simulator with Electronic Control Monitoring
Integrated Dry Gas Compartment
External Printer
Training Intoximeters offers in person training and has a variety of training tools available to help a user cascade training to their own operators. Contact our training department for more information (see Training section of our website at www.intox.com/training).


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