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Intox EC/IR® II.t

The Intox EC/IR II.t is a transportable evidential instrument designed to meet the flexible needs of portable testing environments. The instrument's analytics combine  the advantages of electrochemical fuel cell analysis with the real time analytical advantages of infrared technology. Its lightweight, user-friendly features, easy-to-read display, and internal printer capabilities provide a compact, yet powerful, solution to meet your mobile evidential breath testing needs.

This transportable instrument utilizes advantages of both electrochemical sensor (EC) and infrared sensor (IR) technology. The Infrared system is capable of monitoring in real time, both alcohol and carbon dioxide concentrations in the breath. The electrochemical sensor system is utilized to quantify the alcohol concentration in a breath sample.

Software settings and test database are monitored to insure their integrity. The instrument also contains advanced radio frequency interference immunity and detection, automatic accuracy checks and calibrations using internal gas tank or external simulator, self-diagnostic capabilities, an easy to read display and is capable of remote diagnostics along with centralized data collection using optional IntoxNet software.

ApprovalsNHTSA  (U.S. DOT)

OIML R-126

Listed on the Conforming Products List for Evidential Breath Measurement Devices by the National Highway Safety Administration of the United States Department of Transportation {NHTSA (U.S. DOT)}

Certified to OIML R-126

Other approval information provided on request.

Analytical SystemElectrochemical Sensor (Fuel Cell)Genuine Intoximeters fuel cell sensor, manufactured to our exacting specifications for accuracy, repeatability, and long life. A premium, evidential quality fuel cell sensor with unsurpassed quality and performance in the alcohol breath testing market. Based on over 40 years of our fuel cell manufacturing expertise.
Dual Wavelength

Infrared Analyzer

Two wavelengths are used to track ethanol and carbon dioxide signatures of the provided sample.
Measurement Range0.000 to 0.440 %BrAC (or equivalent)The Intox EC/IR II.t instrument is designed to offer a range of measurements that our customers commonly encounter when performing breath alcohol testing. The instrument is capable of performing analysis when even the most extreme blood alcohol levels found in living humans are encountered.

A wide variety of units of measure are available in the instrument to meet the needs of individual testing programs around the world.

Accuracy and PrecisionHighly accurate and precise evidential grade resultsIntoximeters fuel cell based instruments set the industry standard for accuracy and precision.  These precise and linear devices offer consistent output that results in evidentiary grade analysis.
Sensor SelectivityHighly specific for alcoholFuel Cell sensors are sought after for their specificity to alcohol as they are not affected by other substances commonly found in the human breath (i.e. Acetone).
Sampling MethodFlow, Volume, Breath DropEach breath sample is monitored to determine the appropriate time to capture a breath sample.

Instruments running the standard software require a consistent flow, a minimum volume and then a drop in flow before sampling a deep lung breath.  Alternate sample capture algorithms are available in customized programs.

Testing EnvironmentInstrument TemperatureStandard instrument operating temperature range of between 0 and 50 degrees C. Custom operating temperature ranges available.
Ambient TemperatureAs long as the instrument is at temperature, the instrument can be used.  In environments where temperatures are between 0 and 50 degrees C the off-the-shelf instrument will be able to maintain its required temperature to perform tests.  Broader temperature ranges can be met with optional hardware.
Humidity10% to 100% relative humidity, exceeding OIML R-126 recommendations
Ambient Pressure600 mbar to 1400 mbar; (450 mmHg to 1050 mmHg [0°C])
MouthpieceStyleOne-way check valve mouthpiece
InstallationThe instrument’s breath tube is designed to accept several Intoximeters-produced mouthpieces.  These mouthpieces have been tested and have shown to operate properly with this instrumentation.  Because improperly designed mouthpieces can affect the instrument’s accuracy, we would suggest only using Intoximeters, Inc. mouthpieces.
Data InputKeyboardStandard – PS2 QWERTY mini keyboard.  Full size PS2 or USB keyboards available.  AZERTY and other keyboard configurations available with custom software.
Magnetic StripeOptional peripheral 2 or 3 track reader is supported by custom software
BarcodeOptional peripheral 2D PDF 417 barcode reader is available with custom software
SmartCardOptional peripheral SmartCard reader is available with custom software
GPSOptional peripheral GPS reader is available with custom software
Visual OutputInstrument DisplayFeatures a highly visible and durable LCD display that is backlit for excellent visibility in both daytime and night time use.
Audio OutputBeeperAudible tone to support graphical messaging system
Data OutputPrinterInternal thermal printer or capable of interfacing with optional serial, parallel or USB printers
SerialUp to 2 serial ports on board.  Optional software available to allow upload of test records.
ParallelOne parallel port on board
ModemOn board modem optional
USBWith the optional add on USB/Ethernet Enhancement Module, the Intox EC/IR II is capable of supporting seven USB host ports and one Ethernet port
EthernetThe optional add on USB/Ethernet Enhancement Module offers this functionality.  Optional, off-the-shelf periperal serial to Ethernet adapters can provide Ethernet functionality without the cost of the USB connectivity.
Data StorageNumber of TestsMore than 4,000 test memory for a test record with an average set of operator, subject and incident data entry attached
Waveform StorageCapable of storage of sensor waveform data available in custom software
Power OptionsPower12V DC

110V AC

220V AC

Case ConstructionAluminum SheetRugged casing protects instrument and internal components
Size, Shape and WeightDimensions14.5″ x 14.5″ x 6.25″
Weight11.2 lbs
Measurement TypesAutomatic Direct BreathAuto sampling of subjects deep lung breath samples.
Manual Direct BreathManual sampling option for subjects who cannot meet the minimum flow and volume requirements of the instrument.

Data Encryption

CE Mark

Configurable software allows password protection as an option

Multiple 32-bit CRC settings ensure data protection and software security

CE Mark certification

OptionsBarometerAn optional on board barometer simplifies the use of dry gas standards
Dry Gas Pressure SensorAn optional tank pressure sensor allows the operator to check the remaining pressure in an attached dry gas standard
Dry Gas CarrierAn optional Dry Gas Carrier to attach a Dry Gas Standard for Quality Assurance needs.
USB HostAn optional Enhancement Module provides multi port USB host connectivity
EthernetOptional off-the-shelf serial to Ethernet adapters offer Ethernet connectivity.  The optional Enhancement Module offers Ethernet connectivity with USB host connectivity.  Optionally, the Intox EC/IR II offers software that transmits encrypted data and thus provides security when sending test records over the public internet.
2D Barcode ReaderSerial or USB interface to periperal three-track 2D barcode reader (PDF417) is available
Magnetic Stripe ReaderSerial or USB interface to peripheral three-track magnetic card reader is available
Desktop PrinterThe Intox EC/IR II is compatible with a variety of serial or USB laser printers
SoftwareCapable of interfacing with IntoxNet for test data download and remote control operations


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