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Intox Training Academy has recently launched our new Online Training modules, and have revised our classroom courses accordingly. We are now offering a ½-day BAT/EBT course (201) and a 2-day BAT/EBT/Instructor course (301) for customers using the new Alco-Sensor VXL instrument and the popular Alco-Sensor IV / RBTIV device. For each of these courses, students must complete two Online Training modules prior to class. The additional online instruction in EBT Proficiency allows for the reduction in classroom time. The majority of BAT/EBT class time will be spent conducting the 7 mandatory mock tests.

We continue to offer our 1-day BAT/EBT (202) and 3-day BAT/EBT/Instructor course (302) for the Alcomonitor CC, Alco-Sensor IV with Memory and ASIV@Work instruments. Students in these courses will only complete one Online module prior to the classroom session. We do not have online EBT instruction modules for these older instruments – thus the longer classroom time.

Another change removes Calibration Technician training from the ½-day and 1-day courses, allowing for more time to be spent on actual mock subject testing and instrument operation. Intoximeters instruments rarely fail accuracy checks, so we have moved Calibration Technician training into the Instructor class. For students attending ½ day (201) or 1 day (202) classes, calibration technician training can be added to your agenda upon request.

The Instructor class has been revised and shortened as well. For those of you who have attended Intoximeters Instructor classes before, you will be glad to know that students are no longer required to deliver the 10 minute homework presentations. Instead, Instructor candidates will participate in updated exercises involving citing answers to frequently asked questions from 49 CFR Part 40, proofreading ATFs, and instructing on the best practices for handling difficult testing situations. The Train the Trainer element has been expanded to include a section on how to properly monitor student mock tests and paperwork.

Of course, we are still offering our 1-day Drug Collector Instructor course on the 4th day of each training event.

Visit our website for full course names and prices, schedule of classes, and registration information: https://www.intox.com/workplace-training/


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