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Federal Custody and Control Form

As most of you are aware, the Federal Custody & Control Form changed to a new version as of June 30th. The new form no longer has a check box for DOT as a testing authority. The hyphen after DOT has been removed as well. The Collector is still required to...

The What, When, and How of Air Blanks

Some of our commonly asked questions have to do with air blanks: what they are, when to conduct them, and how. Here are the answers to those burning questions: What is an air blank? An air blank, or blank check, is a test to insure there is no alcohol present in the...

Ten Tips for a Successful Audit

An audit by a DOT Operating Agency can be initiated in various ways. It may be a random event or DOT could be actively investigating. Some operating agencies (e.g. FAA) have regularly scheduled audits with larger employers. Service Agents generally get audited because...

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