Random breath alcohol testing functions to deter and eliminate alcohol misuse in the workplace, thus reducing on the job accidents and injury. Safety is a primary concern in a workplace environment, especially when employees are operating heavy machinery, working in potentially hazardous conditions, or responsible for the transportation of goods, services and people.  

For regulated alcohol testing - DOT, NRC, DOE, USCG - and non-regulated testing, Intoximeters is ready to assist in setting up your testing program. Our breath testing instruments follow the testing protocols of the DOT, and can also be modified for specific program needs. Remember that for regulated Department of Transportation testing, the breath testing instrument you use must be on the NHTSA Conforming Products List, as Intoximeters products are.  

Intoximeters also offers the most extensive training for DOT/Workplace Breath Alcohol Technicians, Calibration Technicians, and Instructors. 

For pricing on our breath alcohol testing instruments please contact your local Intoximeters representative, Customer Service at (314) 429-4000 or request the information through our Product Information Request page on this site. 

Testing Type Applications Instrument Recommendations
Workplace Testing - All listed units are DOT approved for both screening and confirmation testing.  Each unit is offered with mouthpieces and printer supplies. Breath Alcohol Technician and EBT operator training are available through regional trainers.  In addition, a Train the Trainer program is available through the Intox Training Academy.

Your Intoximeters instrument will come with some supplies, such as mouthpieces and an ink cartridge for the printer (if applicable), however, you will need to order some extra items to begin testing. In addition, U.S. Department of Transportation testing programs require operators to be trained according to a specific curriculum. 

Click Here for a list of supplies needed to get started with your workplace breath testing program.
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  • Company Policy Testing
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