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Intox DMT® Dual Sensor

The Intox DMT integrates a breath alcohol testing instrument with a Windows operating system, and features a graphics touch screen. This powerful instrument employs multi-filter infrared spectroscopy plus Intoximeters' fuel cell technology to determine breath alcohol concentrations. It adapts to both transportable and fixed-site testing.


Features Include:

  • A highly-regulated infrared source lamp, which is chopped in real time at speeds 200+ times faster than other commercially available systems.
  • A thermo-electrically cooled PbSe detector
  • A folded optical path that minimizes sample volume and increases the signal-to-noise ratio allowing for accurate results down to 0.001 BrAC.
  • Narrow bandwidth optical filters permitting the DMT to be highly specific for not only ethanol but also to the virtual exclusion of other alcohols and potentially interfering compounds.
  • A Grey Body infrared energy source that maximizes the power efficiency, enabling the DMT to operate cooler, with greater stability and efficiency.
  • A powerful embedded computer, customizable user interface, customizable reporting, and a wide range of input/output connectivity for peripheral devices.
  • On-screen graphical representation of test events.
  • On-screen access to important instrument data for quality audits.
  • Integration with DM Host data management system.
ApprovalsNHTSAListed on the Conforming Products List for Evidential Breath Measurement Devices by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the United States Department of Transportation {NHTSA (U.S. DOT)}
Analytical SystemInfrared AbsorptionInfrared Bench with filtering at 3.37, 3.44, and 3.50 micron wavelengths
Electrochemical Sensor (Fuel Cell)The Intox DMT Dual Sensor includes the addition of a Fuel Cell sensor to provide dual technology capabilities.
Measurement Range0.000 to 0.600 %BrAC (or equivalent)The Intox DMT instrument is designed to offer a range of measurements that our customers commonly encounter when performing breath alcohol testing. The instrument is capable of performing analysis when even the most extreme blood alcohol levels found in living humans is encountered.

A wide variety of units of measure are available in the instrument to meet the needs of individual testing programs around the world.

Exceeds OIML R-126 recommendations for measurement range.

Accuracy and PrecisionHighly accurate and precise evidential grade resultsDesigned to meet or exceed both NHTSA (U.S. DOT) and OIML R-126 recommendations for accuracy and precision.
Sensor SelectivityHighly specific for alcoholThe analytical bench of the Intox DMT features a long life grey body infrared source and filters at three wavelengths (3.37, 3.44, and 3.50 microns) to provide analysis that is highly specific to alcohol with a high level of stability and efficiency.
Sampling MethodFlow, Volume, BrAC SlopeEach breath sample is monitored to determine the appropriate time to capture a breath sample
Testing EnvironmentInstrument TemperatureThe instrument operating temperature is self regulated and monitored to assure that testing conditions meet sampling requirements.
Ambient TemperatureProvided the instrument has met its internal temperature requirements it can be used. Typical environments are in the range of 0 to 50 degrees C.
Humidity10% to 100% relative humidity, exceeding OIML R-126 recommendations


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