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VOID 14, or Voided Analysis, indicates that the instrument detected a possible problem with the fuel cell signal. The characteristics of each sample are compared against a set of internally stored characteristics from the last calibration or accuracy check, which would have been performed with an ethanol standard.  If the fuel cell signal being analyzed during a sample is significantly different from the stored characteristics, the instrument prefers to reject that test, flagging it as VOID 14.  

This could be caused by two scenarios. The first is a combination of normal aging of the fuel cell and long periods of time between calibrations or accuracy checks. The first thing to try would be a calibration, followed by an accuracy check (assuming you are authorized to perform calibrations). If this does not resolve the VOID 14 issue, the instrument may need to be returned to Intoximeters for service. The second possible cause would be that the sample provided contained high levels of alcohols other than ethanol. If this is suspected, the subject may be in need of immediate medical attention.”


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