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Fuel Cell Information
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Fuel Cells

Electrochemical Sensors, also known as fuel cells, have many advantages that make them attractive for use as the primary sensor in evidential breath testing devices. The fuel cell’s inherent specificity for alcohol makes it a superior means of measuring alcohol in a breath sample. No substance remaining in a subject’s breath after a short deprivation period will create a reaction in the cell – except alcohol. Fuel cells have become recognized in the scientific and forensic community as accurate and reliable.

The fuel cell is linear in its response to alcohol, making it easy to calibrate. Fuel cells are small which can help reduce the size and cost of components needed to house the cell. In addition, fuel cells are robust and require only minimal power to operate.
Modern fuel cells using Intoximeters’ patented algorithms provide excellent repeatability and hold calibration over long periods of time. All of these features, combined with the relatively low cost of fuel cell instruments, are attractive to our users.
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