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This is typically caused by a permissions issue, where the operator has logged onto the PC as a user without the proper access to necessary file locations to install software. To properly register and run Intoximeters software applications, anyone logging in as a user on the computer must have Administrator level, or FULL CONTROL permissions in two locations. Since many workplaces enforce Windows security levels, users of our applications may be prevented from making configuration changes or storing tests to the database. This can cause errors while registering the license for our applications. This may be detected by receiving a message “You have successfully registered” followed by a notification that you need to enter a CD key and register the software. This indicates that you have been denied permission to write to the Windows Registry.  Other symptoms of this same problem are listed below.

I cannot save the configuration changes I make.
Another indication of a registry permissions problem is if you are changing a configuration parameter such as Tank Lot Number and when you or another user logs in, the change you made seems to have not taken place.

When conducting a breath test, the printed data does not match what was entered.
If you are conducting test or downloading tests and they do not appear in the database, or you receive an error message indicating access is denied, this indicates that you do not have write access to the program folder which houses the database.

To cure any of the above symptoms, a network administrator needs to grant all users of our applications FULL CONTROL permissions in the registry at:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREIntoximetersAS4 Total Recall (or AS4@Work, or

And in the program folder at:

C:Program FilesAlcoSensor IV Total Recall,
C:Program FilesAlcoSensor IV @ Work, or
C:Program FilesIntoxNet 5
and IntoxNet 5.x.x.


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