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The Alco-Sensor VXL instrument is an advanced, evidential quality breath alcohol instrument that features advanced sampling analytics to make sure that the sample provided by the subject meets the minimum sample requirements for your program. When the submitted sample does not meet these minimum sample requirements the instrument will display, print, and store “Insufficient Sample” as the test result.

Common reasons for obtaining an “Insufficient Sample” result include:
  • Breath sample flow below or above threshold values;
  • Attempt to “suck back” while providing a sample;
  • Providing a sample that is less in volume than the minimum volume required;
  • Not completing a sample or not supplying a sample within the allowed time for a sample to be provided;
  • Abruptly stopping the breath sample.
Most Alco-Sensor VXL software versions are configured to allow a subject 3 attempts to provide a successful sample before a result of “Insufficient Sample” is recorded. Consult with your breath testing program administrator for the minimum sampling requirements for your program.
In general, an “Insufficient Sample” result on the Alco-Sensor VXL instrument is an indication that the subject has not provided a proper sample per the requirements of your breath testing program, and not that there is an issue with your instrument.

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