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The program is designed to remember or “bookmark” the place you stopped and start you off at the beginning of that unit upon re-entry.  Any kind of interruption in the user’s internet connection may interfere with this process and you might lose some data.  This is the case with any web-based training program, not just our CBT.  We recommend that students complete the CBT program in several small sessions mostly to keep them from becoming overwhelmed with information but also to minimize the possibility of losing large blocks of work.

Here is a tip that might help.  Your internet browser remembers web pages that you have visited and will cache those pages for quicker response.  The cached screen may be from an earlier session before the user finished some of their chapters.  If the itinerary page does not display units that have been completed, try hitting the refresh button on your web browser.  That will force the browser to go out and get a current page.  The user will have to log in again and, hopefully, the missing information will be there.  Again, have them call us for technical support.  We have a way to view the bookmarking and can sometimes refresh the data from our end.


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