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Alcohol Testing

Screening Tests under the U.S. DOT Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Procedures are meant to reduce the amount of time needed to conduct alcohol tests given that the vast majority of such tests result in a negative response. Once a donor or subject has been identified the Collector needs to complete Steps 1 and 2 on the Alcohol Testing Form before administering the test. Screening tests can be conducted with any instrument listed on the Conforming Products List for Alcohol Screening Devices or the Conforming Products List for Evidential Breath Testing Instruments by the U.S. DOT.

Confirmation tests are only required after a screening test result of .020 BrAC or greater and a 15 minute observation period. Confirmation tests require that an air blank be performed prior to the donor’s sample to ensure that no alcohol remains in the sampling system of the instrument and that a printout of the result be produced. The confirmation result is the final, evidential result for the donor.  See  the DOT procedures in 49 CFR Part 40 for a complete explanation. Confirmation tests must be conducted with an instrument listed on DOT’s Conforming Products List (CPL) for Evidential Breath Testing Instruments AND must also meet additional requirements listed in 49 CFR Part 40.231.

Intoximeters offers systems that meet both requirements above, such as the Alco-Sensor® VXL, RBT VXL, Alco-Sensor® IV, Alcomonitor CC, or Intox EC/IR® II instruments. In addition, these products can be ordered with software specific to the requirements of U.S. DOT Transportation Workplace Testing Program that will guide the collector through the testing process from screening test to final confirmation test result to ensure that the minimum requirements for a successful test sequence have been met. More information on these products can be found here.

In addition to a wide range of evidential grade breath alcohol products, Intoximeters offers specific training courses for collectors involved with  Workplace Alcohol Testing under U.S. DOT guidelines or under company policy. To learn more about Intoximeters training courses, click here .

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