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As the MRO, when the laboratory reports that the specimen is rejected for testing (e.g., because of a fatal or uncorrected flaw), you must do the following:
(a) Place a check mark in the “Test Cancelled” box (Step 6) on Copy 2 of the CCF and enter the reason on the “Remarks” line.
(b) Report to the DER that the test is cancelled and the reason for cancellation, and that no further action is required unless a negative test is required (e.g., in the case of a pre-employment, return-to-duty, or follow-up test).
(c) You may only report a test cancelled because of a rejected for testing test result when you are in possession of a legible copy of Copy 1 of the CCF.In addition, you must have Copy 2 of the CCF, a legible copy of it, or any other copy of the CCF containing the employee`s signature.


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