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Upon downloading test results from certain Black Dot AlcoSensor IVs (AlcoSensor IV w/ memory units, also known as AS4Ms), the dates stored in the AlcoSensor IV Total Recall test result database may appear incorrect, even though the date and time on the printed test result at the time of the test is correct.

This article applies to the following Black Dot AlcoSensor IV firmware versions:

42.93,42.96. 42.98, 42.99, 43.99, 46.96, 46.97, 57.01, 57.02, 57.03, 57.04, 57.05, 57.06, 57.07, 57.08, 57.09, 57.10, 58.03, 58.04, 58.05, 58.06, 58.07, 58.08, 58.09, 58.10,58.11, 59.03, 59.05, 59.06, 59.08, 59.10, 60.04, 60.05, 60.06, 60.07, 60.08, 60.09, 60.10, 62.03, 66.05, 66.06, 66.07, 66.08, 66.11, 67.06, 68.03, 69.07, 69.08, 69.09, 69.10, 69.11, 70.08, 71.00, 71.01, 72.09,73.09, 74.09, 74.10, 75.10, 75.11, 75.12, 77.10, 77.11, 78.10, 79.10, 81.10, 81.11, 81.12, 82.10, 82.11, 82.12, 83.10, 83.11, 84.10, 85.10



A modification to the routine of setting the date/time will ensure the proper storage of the date and time.  Essentially the solution requires that any time the MONTH, DAY, YEAR, HOUR or MINUTE are adjusted, the YEAR itself must also be adjusted, even if the display shows that it is set on the proper year. 

For example, if Daylight Savings Time occurs and only the hour needs to be adjusted, when you scroll through the Month and Day (by pressing Switch 3 in the Battery Compartment) you then get to the Year which, as with Month and Day, appears to be set properly.  However, YOU MUST cycle the year either up or down (using the Switch 1 and Switch 2 inside the battery compartment). Next, adjust the YEAR back to the current year before you press Switch 3 to accept that entry.  Adjust the Hour and Minute appropriately.
If this procedure is followed, both displayed and stored memory will be set properly.  However, it should be noted that you should use this process any time you change any of the Date or Time parameters (MONTH, DAY, YEAR, HOUR or MINUTE) unless you have your software updated.

As a further precaution, you may wish to download and erase previously stored tests, prior to time/date changes.


All future software versions in this family will have software that is modified so that it will not require an adjustment of the Year on each Time or Date set. 


KEY WORDS:  Black Dot AS4 AS4M Date Time Incorrect Total Recall

Categories: Alco-Sensor IV/M Total Recall, Software

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