Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Performance IssuesPRB: Updated EC/IR II download may result in disjoint, non-unified queries When downloading records from an EC/IR II with a newer version of firmware than  previously downloaded, Intoxnet may create new tables, and new "pre-defined queries" on those tables. This will occur when a table definition has changed from one EC/IR-II release to the next; for example, additional data is collected and stored at the time of test.  The newer queries on the updated tables are identifiable by a number in parenthesis following the name, i.e. "Tests by ECIR Serial No, Date or Time (2)". Problem:  Running either query individually will not return a single report that is comprehensive. Keywords: IntoxNet "Merge Queries" "Multiple Reports" "Results missing from search" - Intoximeters
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It is possible to create a merged query that combines the results of searches on both tables.

In the following example, a query is created that searches two versions of the “Test Common Info […]” tables.

1. In the IntoxNet main program window, double-click your EC/IR II test results database icon to open and explore the database.
2. Click “Relational Search” from the top-left of the database browser.
3. Select “Test Protocols [PROTOCOLS.DBF]” from the Database drop-down.
4. Select “Ask me what test types to include” from the Query pull-down.
5. Click the + sign to add this sub-query to your composite query.
6. Select the first “Test Common Info” appearing on the Database drop-down.
7. Select “Tests by EC/IR serial no, Date or Time”  from the Query pull-down.
8. Click the + sign to add this as a sub-query to your composite query.
9. Select the second “Test Common Info […]”   from the Query pull-down.
10. Click the + sign to add this as a sub-query to your composite query.
11. If your Composite Query, select the top “Test Common Info” sub-query, and next click the OR button above the Composite Query window, to ensure that your search is satisfied by records coming from EITHER of these tables.  {Note that AND would require records from both tables be present for a particular test, an impossible condition since the older firmware adds to one table while the newer firmware creates records in the other table}
12.  You must ensure that this OR operation is performed seperate of any other search operations by surrounding the these two OR’ed terms with parenthesis.  To do so, secect the top “Test Common Info” sub-query, and next click the add-left-parethesis button “(” button above the Composite Query window.  Next select the bottom “Test Common Info” sub-query, and next click the add-right-parethesis button “)” above the Composite Query window.
13. Enter a name for your new query in the “Save / Restore Relational Query” entrybox.
14. Click the disc icon to save the query, and answer “[Y]es” to the confirmation.
15. Close the Data Browser.

You may now perform your query from the IntoxNet main program window by selecting it by name from your EC/IR-II Test Results database context menu, Reports User Defined  sub-menu.


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