Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Performance IssuesPRB: EC-IR I download fails with error message "Test data info receive failure" When downloading the an EC-IR I with IntoxNet, the download fails, and the error message, "Test data info receive failure" is displayed. Additional Information: When the EC-IR I is downloaded, there are settings in IntoxNet that govern whether the test is to be erased from the instrument memory or not. If you configure IntoxNet to leave the tests in memory during downloads, and instead to simply "Mark" the tests has having been downloaded so that it doesn't appear in the download a second time, eventually a significant amount of tests may accumulate.  If this is your configuration, then when IntoxNet downloads new tests, the EC/IR may take longer and longer to complete the download.  This problem has been addressed in certain models of the EC-IR, so if you are not presented with this specific error message, this KB article does not apply to you.Keywords: EC-IR IntoxNet "Test data info receive failure" download fails - Intoximeters
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Increase the amount of time IntoxNet permits for inactivity from the EC/IR-I during downloads.

The default amount of time permitted by IntoxNet for the EC/IR to send the next test result in its database, once a result has been received, is 15 seconds.  A settings change governing IntoxNet can be made to increase this timeout period.

To increase this perion from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, for example, take the following steps:

1.  When logged into IntoxNet, while in the main window, press Alt-D on your PC keyboard.  An “Enter Action” dialog will appear.

2.  Type the word “set” (without the quotes), and press enter.

3.  Enter the “EcirInterTestTimeOut” (without the quotes) as the setting name.  THIS IS A CASE SENSITIVE ENTRY AND MUST BE TYPED EXACTLY AS SHOWN HERE.

4.  Enter “60” (without the quotes) as the new value. 

The problem should now be resolved.

As an alternative, you may wish to consider configuring IntoxNet to erase your EC/IR memory once a successful download has been completed.


An additional error can occur under this situation where results are marked rather than erased, on certain older firmware versions of the EC/IR-I.  The error message is “No or bad response to Mark instruction.”  A similar fix may be applied in this situation.  The same procedure as above can be followed, but with the setting named “EcirMarkTestTimeOut”.


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