Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Performance IssuesPRB:  Can not download RBT - "DL Failure: Invalid Date/Time in test record." When attempting to download an RBT-IV using IntoxNet, the following message appears: "DL Failure: Invalid Date/Time in test record.". Additional Background: There are certain versions of the RBT-IV do not perform validation upon the Date and Time entered into this printer by the operator performing a clock set operation ("Time" button on RBT keypad).  As such, it is possible to enter a date and time of "99/99/99 99:99", and the RBT-IV printer will accept this value.  The RBT-IV will continue to increment and store the invalid date/time with results and print this date/time with any tests performed once the clock has been set to a non-valid value. IntoxNet does validate dates and times downloaded to it.   When IntoxNet sees an invalid date in the download from the RBT-IV, it terminates the download with the error message, "DL Failure: Invalid Date/Time in test record."  The RBT operator may have set the clock to an invalid date and time, but then later corrected the issue once he/she observed the invalid date setting on a printout and resumed testing. As IntoxNet has rejected the download, a problem arises, how to get the full RBT test result download to the IntoxNet database and get the RBT back into service such that the IntoxNet download will no longer fail with this message at the point of the problem result. Erasing the RBT memory to correct this problem is inadequate as valid tests conducted after the RBT clock was properly reset would not be transferred to the IntoxNet database.Keywords: RBT-IV "Invalid Date/Time" IntoxNet - Intoximeters
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The following solution to the problem described above is available to IntoxNet 4.X and IntoxNet 5.X users:

A)  You must have a minimum IntoxNet release version of 4.4.5.  If your IntoxNet version is below 4.4.5, download and install IntoxNet 4.4.5 or greater.
B)  Continue to download RBT-IVs as you normally would.
C)  Whenever you do encounter the error message “DL Failure: Invalid Date/Time in test record.” appears, exit from IntoxNet.
D)  Click your Windows ‘Start’ button, and next click ‘Run’.  Type in the following, without the quotes: 
(If you are running IntoxNet 4.X:)  “inet32 /RBTbadDatesResume”.
(If you are running IntoxNet 5.X:)  “inet5 /RBTbadDatesResume”.

IntoxNet will again launch, however the RBT-IV download will now be treated differently. 

— The raw download data from the any tests with the illegal dates and/or times will be logged to the Audit Log database.
—  The download will resume rather than abort after the test with the invalid date/time is encountered.
—  All other tests with proper data will be added to the RBT test results database.

Following the successful full download, the message “Successful communications session completed” will appear.  Erasing the RBT-IV memory at this point will not result in the absence of valid results from the IntoxNet database.


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