Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Performance IssuesBUG:  "Result Agreement Absent" inappropriately printed on AS4XL @POA Printout Affected software: AlcoSensor IV @ Point of Arrest, Version, 2.1.1 and earlier versions. When using on a portable Point of Arrest system the optional "Agreement" HPC setting (described in the Administrative Supplement manual for AlcoSensor IV @ Point of Arrest) in order to force the system to add "Result Agreement Absent" to printed test results that do not fall withing a given count of eachother, the HPC may inappropriately display and print "Result Agreement Absent" when a sequence occurs where two results differ exactly by the specified agreement.  For example, if the Agreement setting is set to "0.02", and result 1 is 0.203 BrAC and result 2 is 0.183 BrAC, the system adds "Result Agreement Absent" inappropriately to the printout of this test result.  This can be additionally confusing becase the XL may not have required a third test; the handheld breath alcohol testing instrument appropriately determines that no third test is required correctly calculating that result agreement was in fact present.Keywords: AS4XL@POA "Result Agreement Absent" - Intoximeters
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It has been determined that this situation is caused by the nature of the floating point math performed on the handheld personal computer.  For example, consider the following statement:

|.183 – .203| <= 0.02

While this statement is mathematically correct, the handheld computer due to rounding errors involving its internal floating point representation of this calculation may evaluate this statement as logically false, due to an internal represenation of the result of the above statement like

|0.020000000001| <= 0.02

One may correct for this situation, by setting the “Agreement” setting larger than the actual desired agreement by a factor of 0.000001.

If an agreement of 0.02 is desired, this setting may be adjusted to correct for this situation as follows:

-On the HPC, press CTRL-ESC on the keyboard to bring up the Windows Start Menu.
-Click Run
– Type in PREGEDIT and press enter to lanuch the Windows CE registry editor.
– Click on the + sign next to HKEY_CURRENT_USER to expand this branch, if not already expanded
– Click on the + sign next to Software to expand this branch, if not already expanded
– Click on the + sign next to Intox  to expand this branch, if not already expanded
– Click on the PDAPOA folder.  The programs settings will appear on the right hand side of the screen.
– Scroll down through the settings on the right hand side of the screen until the setting named “Agreement” is located
– Double click on this setting name.  Change the Value Data from 0.02 to 0.0200001, and press enter.
– Click the [x] in the top right corner to close the Windows CE registry editor.

Any future results, or views of existing results will now correctly display “Result Agreement Absent” when this agreement exceeds 0.02.

Releases of AS4XL@POA subsequent to 2.1.1 will contain code to correct for this problem, making such an adjustment of the Agreement setting unnecessary.  This corection is only necessary for AS4XL@POA versions 2.1.1 and earlier.


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