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(a) No, as an employer, you are prohibited from using the CCF for non-DOT urine collections.You are also prohibited from using non-Federal forms for DOT urine collections.Doing either subjects you to enforcement action under DOT agency regulations.
(b) (1) In the rare case where the collector, either by mistake or as the only means to conduct a test under difficult circumstances (e.g., post-accident or reasonable suspicion test with insufficient time to obtain the CCF), uses a non-Federal form for a DOT collection, the use of a non-Federal form does not present a reason for the laboratory to reject the specimen for testing or for an MRO to cancel the result.
(2) The use of the non-DOT form is a “correctable flaw.”As an MRO, to correct the problem you must follow the procedures of §40.205(b)(2).


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