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  • As noted in § 40.191(a)(2), failure to remain at the collection site until the testing process is complete generally constitutes a refusal to test.
  • If an employee leaves the collection facility prior to the testing process being completed, the collector must inform the employer as required under § 40.191(d). The employer, as required under § 40.355(i), must then determine whether the employee’s actions constitute a refusal to test. To make this determination, the employer should consider the information documented on the CCF and the advice and information received from the collector and service agents, as well as any supporting information provided by the employee (i.e., in the event of a medical emergency, copies of hospital admission records/EMS records/police records, etc).
  • The employer must document its decision, and the solid reasoning for the decision, in all collection site refusal determinations. Copies of these decisions, and the information relied on in making those decisions, must be maintained in accordance with § 40.333 and the applicable modal recordkeeping requirements. If during the course of an inspection, the DOT determines that you have not properly documented these determinations, you may be subject to penalty in accordance with these regulations.
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