Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Database problemsPRB:  IntoxNet to AlcoSensor IV @ Work Employer database transferWhen using IntoxNet to share employer and BAT databases between AlcoSensor IV @ Work systems, not all Employer or BAT records in the IntoxNet database are making it to a particular @ Work computerKeywords: IntoxNet AS4 @ Work @Work employers bats database records - Intoximeters
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When IntoxNet is being used to share employer or BAT records between itself and AlcoSensor IV @ Work systems, it determines which employer records to send to those systems based upon the last date that system had communicated with IntoxNet.

If something happens to cause corruption or deletion of the employer or BAT database from the @ Work system, IntoxNet is unaware that those records need to be resent to that computer.

To force IntoxNet to resend all BAT and Employer database records to a client AlcoSensor IV @ Work system, in the IntoxNet main menu, double click the icon representing that @ Work system.

1.  Click on the ‘+’ sign next to the ‘communications’ branch.
2.  Click on the ‘+’ sign next to the ‘last successful’ branch.
3.  Click on the ‘Date’ field.
4.  In the date entry box at the bottom of the screen, change this field to “01/01/1990”.

IntoxNet will now transfer all employer and BAT records to this @ Work system during the next communication.


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