Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Course completion issuesPRB: Cannot get past Agencies screen of Unit I in DTU - Forward Arrow DisabledWhen working on "Unit 1: Introduction" of the DOT Training Unit (DTU) computer based training system, after having reviewed each of the DOT operating agencies, the forward arrow does not appear, and one can not move on from this point in the CBT.Keywords: DTU CBT 4.01 agencies "forward arrow" - Intoximeters
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Intoximeters has confirmed this to be a problem in the current release (4.01) of the Dot Training Unit (DTU), and possibly earlier versions as well, but one that only effects PCs wthere the regional settings of the Windows operating system are non-US-English.

As a workaround, before launching the DTU, click Start Settings Control Panel, double click on Regional Settings, and change the regional setting to  “US English”.  When you have completed the computer based training, you can change this setting back to its original setting (i.e. French-Canadian).

We expect to resolve this problem so this workaround is unnecessary in a future release of the DTU.


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