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Where is this information in the DOT rules?
Alcohol Testing

All Intoximeters factory-trained students are trained as Breath Alcohol Technicians and Calibration Technicians and are certified to perform all of the required functions to maintain their instruments for normal day to day operation, periodic accuracy checks, and calibration adjustments (if needed).

If you were trained as a BAT to perform tests and periodic accuracy checks, but were not certified as a Calibration Technician by the factory, then you are not authorized or certified to perform the actual calibration of the instrument. If the EBT were to require a calibration adjustment, you would have several options:

  1. Find a properly certified Cal Tech in your area (contact the Training Department),
  2. Get trained as a Cal Tech and perform the calibration yourself (view available classes),
  3. Send the instrument to Intoximeters Technical Service for calibration, or
  4. Use another properly calibrated EBT.
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