Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Alco-Sensor @ Work, or Alco-Sensor Total Recall printing wrong tests, various issues…-When conducting a test, old test records print rather than the current test. . Test numbers seem to be out of sequence, or the wrong date/information. -Changes made to configuration do not stay when you close and reopen the program. Keywords: @Work, Total Recall, Permissions - Intoximeters
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Alco-Sensor IV @ Work, and Alco-Sensor IV Total Recall both require the user to have Full Control permissions for the programs to operate successfully.
In cases where the computer is not part of a network, the user should be the administrator, or in the Administrators group.
If the computer is part of a network, and the user cannot be given administrative rights, a network administrator will need to do the following.
Step 1:
-Log on as an administrator.
-Navigate to C:Program Files
-Right Click on the file named: Alco-Sensor IV @ Work or Alco-Sensor IV Total Recall.
-Select Sharing and Security, or if not listed, Properties, then Security.
-Locate and select the Group of which the program users are members (usually “Users”.)
-Select the check box for Full Control
-Click apply, and okay.
Step 2:
-From the Start Menu, select Run.
-Type “regedit” and click Open to open the registry editor.
-For @ Work 2.0.0 navigate to–HKEY_currentusersoftwarevb and vba programas4@workasiv.ini
-Right click and select permissions, and set “Users” to Full Control.
-For @ Work 2.2 and above, navigate to–HKEY_LocalMachinesoftwareintoximetersas4@work
-Right click and select permissions, and set “Users” to Full Control.
-For Total Recall navigate to-HKEY_LocalMachinesoftwareIntoximetersAS4 Total Recall
– Right click and select permissions, and set “Users” to Full Control.


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