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Train Your Own (TYO)

As long as you have been regularly conducting alcohol tests with your Intoximeters’ equipment for at least one year and are thoroughly familiar with the current DOT regulations regarding alcohol testing, you may train others as BATs. However, you must insure that BATs are trained according to the latest DOT regulations contained in 49 CFR Part 40. The best way to obtain information is through a factory instructor course, but if that is not possible, the next best thing is Intoximeters’ Train Your Own (TYO) package. 
The same is true of the Urine Drug Screen Collector training – as long as you have been regularly conducting DOT urine collections for at least one year and are familiar with the Urine Specimen Collection Guidelines and Part 40 rules, you may train others as Collectors. 
The TYO packages include online study modules for DOT rules & regulations training, as well as the operation of the EBT instrument, a step-by-step guide to proper training and a USB flash drive with electronic resources. These packages are designed to get the lead person up to speed on the latest DOT regulations and information about the instrument. You would then order additional online study modules for each person who will be trained. 

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