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Intox EC/IR® II Extended Warranty

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Intox EC/IR II Extended Warranty:
The objective of an Extended Warranty is to supply maintenance, parts and labor to assure efficient and precise performance of the EC/IR ® II;.

The one-year extended warranty covers parts, labor, and return shipping from the factory on the unit which is repaired or serviced for reasons other than abuse, misuse or accidental damage.  Expendable items (mouthpieces and batteries) are not covered; however, the fuel cell, valve and electronic boards are protected on a normal use basis.

Repair service will be treated as a priority and unit(s) will be returned via ground service with a full report of work done.

The customer may purchase an Extended Warranty at the time of purchase, at any time during the original warranty period, or during the term of an extended warranty without returning the unit for check-out.  The new Extended Warranty will begin at the end of the original or extended warranty period.

To initiate an Extended Warranty the request must be made while your instrument is still under Warranty.


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