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Alco-Sensor® III

Widely used, the Alco-Sensor III (ASIII) is a pocket-sized, handheld breath alcohol tester. This NHTSA approved Evidential Breath Alcohol Testing Device provides a simple, accurate and economical method of determining a subject’s breath alcohol concentration. Standard Equipment- Alco-Sensor III
– 25 Mouthpieces
– 1 Calibration Screw Driver
– Manual
– Carrying Case
– Warranty

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The Alco-Sensor III offers last test recall, mouthpiece ejector, internal temperature sensor with software controlled temperature compensation and automated calibration. The unit has a large, bright, three-digit display that captures and holds the results without the need to press and hold the READ button. Intoximeters offers several after sales services that will help keep you on budget and keep your instrument running in tip-top shape. Our Extended Services Include: Instrument Inspection – Send your instrument to the Intoximeters Technical Service Department for calibration verification and certification. Learn more. Extended Warranty – An extended warranty provides full parts and labor coverage for instrument issues that are caused by normal wear and tear as defined by our standard instrument warranty. Learn more.

ApprovalsNHTSAListed on the Conforming Products List for Evidential Breath Measurement Devices.
Analytical SystemElectrochemical Sensor

(Fuel Cell)

Select sensor, manufactured to Intoximeters exacting specifications for accuracy, repeatability and long life.
Measurement Range0.000 to 0.400 g/210LThe off the shelf instrument is designed to offer a range of results that our customers commonly encounter when performing breath alcohol testing.  Custom ranges, and results reported in a most units of measure are available upon request.
Accuracy and PrecisionHighly accurate and precise evidential grade resultsIntoximeters fuel cell based instruments set the industry standard for accuracy and precision.  These precise and linear devices offer consistent output that results in evidentiary grade analysis.
Sensor SelectivityHighly specific for alcoholFuel Cell sensors are sought after for their specificity to alcohol.
Sampling MethodManualOperator initiated sample capture
Testing EnvironmentInstrument TemperatureThe temperature of the instrument must be at, or between, 0 and 40 degrees C.
Ambient TemperatureAs long as the instrument is at temperature, the instrument can be used at, or between, ambient temperatures of -20  to 70 degrees C.
Humidity10% to 100% relative humidity  (The instrument is not designed to be used under water.)
Ambient Pressure600 mbar to 1400 mbar; 450 mmHg [0 °C] to 1050 in mmHg [0 °C]
MouthpieceStyleAvailable in straight through, restricted and check valve styles
InstallationSnap fit
Visual OutputDisplayLarge, red LED
Audio OutputWhistleWhistle attachment is an optional add on.
Data StorageNumber of TestsLast test record
Power OptionsDisposable Battery1 x 9V alkaline battery
Rechargeable Battery1 x 9V rechargeable battery – Optional
Case ConstructionABSRugged casing protects instrument and internal components.
Size, Shape and WeightDimensions5.0” x 3.5” x 1.25”
Weight6 oz  (170 grams)
Measurement TypesManual Direct BreathManual sampling
Passive TestingManual sampling capabilities for passive alcohol detection
Headspace SamplingCapable of measuring the headspace over a liquid to determine if alcohol might be present in the solution.
SecurityPasswordPassword optional


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