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Alco-Sensor FST® Passive Screener

The Alco-Sensor FST (ASFST) Passive Screener provides precise, accurate, repeatable results on passive breath sample testing.

The instrument is designed to offer a simple passive testing procedure for quick screening of a large number of subjects and the capability of measuring the headspace over a solution to identify alcohol in a suspected open container.

While the Alco-Sensor FST is designed to withstand field use in a policing environment, it is also designed to offer intuitive, simple operating procedures and have sample collection requirements that minimize risk to the operator.

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The Alco-Sensor FST was designed with operator safety in mind. Unlike other instruments available in the market, the symmetric design and rear facing display of the ASFST allows an operator to remain in control of the subject, view the instrument display, monitor the surrounding environment and divert the subject’s breath so that they are not directly in the breath stream during the sample collection process.

The Alco-Sensor FST also offers advantages in low light operations such as a backlit LCD display, an illuminated mouthpiece guide, a “lever and snap” mouthpiece insertion and optional multi-color backlit display messaging to warn of important test conditions.

Approvals NHTSA Listed on the Conforming Products List for Evidential Breath Measurement Devices.

Analytical System Electrochemical Sensor (Fuel Cell) Select sensor, manufactured to Intoximeters exacting specifications for accuracy, repeatability and long life.

Measurement Range 0.000 to 0.440 g/210L The off the shelf instrument is designed to offer a range of results that our customers commonly encounter when performing breath alcohol testing.  Custom ranges, and results reported in most units of measure are available upon request.

Accuracy and Precision  Highly accurate and precise evidential grade results Intoximeters fuel cell based instruments set the industry standard for accuracy and precision.  These precise and linear devices offer consistent output that results in evidentiary grade analysis.

Sensor Selectivity Highly specific for alcohol Fuel Cell sensors are sought after for their specificity to alcohol.

Sampling Method Flow, Volume, Breath Drop Instruments running the standard software require a consistent flow, a minimum volume and then a drop in flow before sampling a deep lung breath.  Alternate sample capture algorithms are available in customized programs.

Testing Environment Instrument Temperature The temperature of the instrument must be at, or between, 0 and 40 degrees C.
Ambient Temperature As long as the instrument is at temperature, the instrument can be used at, or between, ambient temperatures of -20  to 70 degrees C.
Humidity 10% to 100% relative humidity  (The instrument is not designed to be used under water.)
Ambient Pressure 600 mbar to 1400 mbar; 450 mmHg [0 °C] to 1050 in mmHg [0 °C]

Mouthpiece Direct Testing Single chamber with air flow diversion away from the operator.  Mounts easily by “lever and snap” insertion in the lighted mouthpiece channel.
Passive Testing Passive cup permits automatic or manual collection of breath as subject blows towards the cup. Cup snaps onto the two ports in the mouthpiece channel.
Drink Sniffer Drink sniffer attachment facilitates testing of the headspace over an open container for the presence of alcohol.  Sniffer snaps onto the two ports in the mouthpiece channel.

Visual Output Display Backlit graphic LCD with optional multi-color display messaging to warn of important test conditions.

Audio Output Beeper Audible tone to support displayed messaging system.

Data Storage Number of Tests Last test record

Power Options Disposable Battery 2 x 1.5V AA alkaline batteries
Rechargeable Battery 2 x AA rechargeable batteries – Optional

Case Construction ABS / Polycarbonate Rubber Rubber grip and display bezel provided with each instrument

Size, Shape and Weight Dimensions 4.75” x 2.75” x 1.75”
Weight 7.5 oz  (212 grams)

Measurement Types Automatic Direct Breath Auto sampling of subjects’ deep lung breath samples.
Manual Direct Breath Manual sampling option for subjects who cannot meet the minimum flow and volume requirements of the instrument.
Passive Testing Manual or Automatic sampling capabilities for passive alcohol detection
Headspace Sampling Capable of measuring the headspace over a liquid to determine if alcohol might be present in the solution

Security Password Capable of requiring passcode access to instrument operations

Options Multi-Color Background Optional multi-color display background to warn the user of important test conditions


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