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Intoximeters provides online options for several of our training courses.

First, we have an online Computer Based Training program for the Alco-Sensor FST® instrument. This CBT is offered free of charge to ASFST owners but requires that an instrument serial number be entered as part of the registration process. The CBT has both operator and supervisor components. Once a student has registered, he/she may access other on-line resources such as an operator’s manual.  Access the ASFST training program here: http://training.intox.com/asfst/starttraining.asp?t=1.

Intoximeters has also developed a CBT program for the first component of DOT Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) training. This DOT Training Unit provides Units I – VII of the DOT Model Course. The interactive program allows the student to study the DOT rules and regulations at their own pace and is designed to replace in-class training requirements of the DOT Model Course for training BATs. Audio and visual explanations and repetition of the key points help students learn the material, pass the Unit quizzes and the overall Mastery Test. To register for DOT Breath Alcohol Technician training, please contact us at training@intox.com.

Finally, the Intox Training Academy has developed online EBT Proficiency training courses for the Alco-Sensor IV/RBT IV instrument and the DOT/Workplace versions of the Alco-Sensor VXL device.  This allows us to shorten the length of our classes for these instruments and to offer a limited number of webcam sessions for performing the 7 mock tests required by DOT.


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