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DOT does not obligate Breath Alcohol Technicians (BAT) to have a BAT completion certificate, but they do require the technicians to successfully complete certain requirements. These requirements are detailed in 49 CFR Part 40.213 as well as in the DOT Model Course, both of which can be acquired from the DOT Office of Drug & Alcohol Policy and Compliance. You should be aware; however, that Part 40.213(g) requires BATs to maintain documentation showing that the BAT has met all of these requirements.

BAT Instructors should be aware that they must provide the BATs they train with proof of completion. What has become common practice in the industry is for instructors to issue a certificate of completion for each BAT who successfully completes the training process. If the proper information is included, this certificate can help fulfill the DOT documentation requirement.

The following 5 items should be included on any BAT certificate of completion:

1. Date(s) of training and expiration date of training

2. Full name of the Breath Alcohol Technician

3. Full name of the instructor; including the instructor’s signature as well is a good practice.

4. Indicate what components were completed:

a. DOT Rules & Regulations (6 ½ hours either online or classroom)

b. DOT EBT Proficiency (7 error-free mock tests)

5. Manufacturer’s name for the EBT device on which the 7 mock tests were performed

Sample BAT Completion Certificate


Download the Sample BAT Completion Certificate


What should NOT be included on your BAT completion certificates?

Any reference to inspection, maintenance, or calibration. Certification for any of these procedures must come from the manufacturer of the EBT device.

Best Practices

In case there are questions about a particular BATs training, instructors should also keep a copy of all training records including any certificates issued. These records can be paper or electronic copies, but should be readily available if requested by a DOT Agency auditor or an employer who uses your services.



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