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Please refer to the RBTIV Battery Maintenance document for information on changing the 12-volt battery.

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The most common reason for an RBT IV to print a partial ticket or not print at all is low battery voltage.  The RBT IV has a 12 volt rechargeable battery located in the case foam.  The Alco-Sensor IV is powered independently by a 9 volt alkaline battery.  The print mechanism of the RBT IV demands more power than the other functions, and when the charge is low, the device may seem to be operating properly but will not print.  This is an indication that  your 12 volt battery needs to be recharged or replaced.  Plug in the battery charger and you should be able to print in a few minutes.  (View more information about charging your battery.)

Another scenario:
If the Alco-Sensor IV is not communicating with the RBT IV then you will not get a printed result.  Perhaps the cable connecting the two devices is damaged or the connector is not fully inserted into the port on the bottom of the Alco-Sensor IV. Check all connections and retry your test.

Lastly, if the operator does not follow the RBT IV instrument prompts in sequence you might insert the mouthpiece before the RBT IV is ready to initiate the communication process.  Always follow the display prompts exactly in the order they appear.

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Intoximeters, Inc. does not claim to be an expert on infectious disease transmission, but it has developed two guides (Infection Control Cleaning and Disinfecting Intoximeters Handheld Instruments and Infection Control Cleaning and Disinfecting an Intoximeters Desktop Instrument)  that list some of the concerns and commonsense steps that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of disease transmission while performing a breath alcohol test or while cleaning or disinfecting an Intoximeters, Inc. alcohol breath test instrument.

Additional information and directives on Coronavirus can be found through OSHA (3990-03 2020) or the CDC. The CDC has put out documentation for the maintenance on other types of breathing related equipment such as spirometers that may have helpful information on infections control measures.

These instructions for erasing memory without storing data via IntoxNet are for use with most RBT IV instruments. If your instrument does not work according to these instructions, contact Intoximeters Customer Support for help with your version of the RBT IV. View instructional tutorial here for erasing the RBTIV memory. 

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