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During an Alco-Sensor FST calibration or accuracy check the instrument first displays BLN which indicates a blank test is about to occur – no alcohol is needed for this blank test.  The instrument will then flash CAL (or ACC depending on the test being performed) – introduce the alcohol at this time.

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Intoximeters, Inc. does not claim to be an expert on infectious disease transmission, but it has developed two guides (Infection Control Cleaning and Disinfecting Intoximeters Handheld Instruments and Infection Control Cleaning and Disinfecting an Intoximeters Desktop Instrument)  that list some of the concerns and commonsense steps that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of disease transmission while performing a breath alcohol test or while cleaning or disinfecting an Intoximeters, Inc. alcohol breath test instrument.

Additional information and directives on Coronavirus can be found through OSHA (3990-03 2020) or the CDC. The CDC has put out documentation for the maintenance on other types of breathing related equipment such as spirometers that may have helpful information on infections control measures.

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