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305 BAT/EBT Instructor (Online)

PLEASE NOTE:  This course covers only the RBT IV, ASIV with memory, RBT VXL, or Alcomonitor CC instruments.Intoximeters Online Training

This fully online train-the-trainer course is available for the RBT IV/Alco-Sensor IV, ASIV with memory, Alco-Sensor VXL, and Alcomonitor CC instruments. This training qualifies students for both DOT initial BAT training and can be taken as DOT BAT refresher training. A Mastery Test at the end must be passed to obtain proof of completion. This course includes two self-study modules and 2 days of online classroom webcam instruction. Certification on more than one instrument will incur additional charges and one additional day of training.

The course includes:

  • Self-study (2) online module courses:
    • Part 40 Rules and Regulations
    • Instrument Proficiency
  • Advanced 2 day BAT and BAT Instructor online webcam training:
    • Day 1: Mocks
    • Day 2: BAT Instructor (Train the Trainer)

Training Goals:

  • In-depth coverage of DOT Breath Alcohol Rules & Regulations (online)
  • Instrument Proficiency orientation (online)
  • Intoximeters EBT instrument-specific training (online)
  • 7 mock tests with an Intoximeters Corporate Trainer (webcam)
  • Instructor (Train the Trainer) Training with an Intoximeters Corporate Trainer (Webcam)
    • Includes instruction on the Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) and Accuracy Checks
    • Calibration Technician training
  • Coverage of Instructor resource manual, training aids (electronic files are provided upon completion)
  • Advanced EBT training

Note: This course is an advanced class that exceeds DOT’s requirements for BAT instructors. Successful completion of the Instructor Course also authorizes the individual as a Calibration Technician.

What is the process? Once the student has successfully completed the online self-study components an Intoximeters Corporate Trainer will monitor the student performing 7 error-free mock alcohol tests to complete the Instrument Proficiency component of the BAT training. For this portion of the class you must have a working EBT instrument with a printer, a valid (not expired) dry gas tank, mouthpieces and federal alcohol testing forms (ATFs). After completion of the 7 error-free and technically correct mocks, BAT Instructor training will be scheduled.

  Questions?  Contact the Intox Training Academy

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