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305 BAT/EBT Instructor (Online)

This course is only for users of Alco-Sensor IV / RBT IV or Alco-Sensor VXL / RBT VXL.Intoximeters Online Training

This is a fully online 2-day course.  Students successfully completing the course requirements will receive an electronic certificate as a DOT Breath Alcohol Technician and an Instructor of BATs.  In addition, the student will become a factory-certified Calibration Technician.  This course will include approximately 6-8 hours of online self-study prior to the webcam sessions.  (PLEASE CONTACT US FOR ADDITIONAL DATES)

Training will include the ½ day BAT/EBT 205 course and additional instruction as follows:

  • Calibration Technician training
  • Advanced BAT/EBT and BAT Instructor topics
  • Instructor resources, training aids, and electronic files will be provided and discussed
  • Problem solving techniques
  • Instructor exercises and mock presentations by the instructor candidates

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