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Factory Recertification Program

What is a recertification?

Intoximeters instruments are designed to provide accurate results for many years. We believe that our Factory Recertification Program can lengthen the life of your instrument as well as enhance the integrity of your testing program. The Intoximeters Quality Assurance Plan recommends that an instrument be inspected by a certified technician at least once every two years in service.

Your Breath Testing Program’s success depends upon the reliable operation of your instrument, and the defensibility of test results. Having your breath test instrument Factory Recertified every two years helps provide the confidence to answer those tough questions with regard to the condition of your instrument at the time of testing. Although Factory Recertification is not mandated by DOT or our QAP, it is a recommended preventative maintenance program.

Instruments that are under an active warranty (i.e. instruments still covered under their original warranty, under the two-year warranty following Recertification, or an Extended Warranty) are eligible for the Factory Recertification Program.

Instruments not meeting the above criteria must have a Factory Inspection before entering the Factory Recertification Program.

On-going participation in the Factory Recertification Program provides warranty for the life of the instrument!

What is included in the Factory Recertification Program?

  • Thorough evaluation of the instrument
  • Any instrument adjustments necessary to comply with strict factory specifications
  • All instrument parts needed for completing recertification, including the Fuel Cell sensor
  • Recertified instruments are covered by an additional two-year parts & labor warranty
  • Adhesive label with month and year of recertification affixed to the instrument
  • Certificate of Factory Recertification for your records

What optional services are available with a Recertification?

ISO 17025 Accredited Certificate of Calibration and a Certificate of Factory Recertification for your records.

How do I schedule my instrument(s) for recertification?

Factory Recertification is available by appointment only.

To schedule your instrument for Factory Recertification,  download the reservation form, complete all sections, and fax it to (314) 429-4170 or email it to recert@intox.com

Intoximeters will send you a confirmation of your reservation date via email or fax, along with shipping instructions. Do not ship dry gas cylinders with your instrument per federal law. Please be sure to ship the instrument so that it arrives at our facility no later than one business day before the confirmed reservation date.

How long does it take?

The standard turnaround time for a Recertification is 6 business days plus transit time from the confirmed reservation date (not the date the unit arrives at Intoximeters). Turnaround time cannot be guaranteed if an instrument has not been scheduled and confirmed, arrives after noon on the confirmed reservation date, or if the instrument requires repairs.

Rental instruments are available on a limited basis for customers who need an instrument while their instrument is being recertified.

To schedule a rental instrument complete a Rental Agreement form and fax it to (314) 429-4170, or email it to recert@intox.comalong with your Factory Recertification Reservation form. If a rental instrument is available, you will receive a confirmation that your rental reservation has been accepted. The rental instrument will be shipped to you approximately one week before your scheduled recertification date.

How is a recertification different from a repair?

Recertification is a long-term, preventive maintenance program to help you get the longest possible life from the instrument. Intoximeters guarantees our evaluation of the fuel cell by providing a two-year parts & labor warranty from the date of the instrument’s recertification. On-going participation in the Factory Recertification Program provides warranty for the life of the instrument!

Repairs are corrective rather than preventive.  Intoximeters products are well-built, long-lasting, and rugged but something unexpected may occur to prevent your instrument from operating properly.  Our specially trained Technicians are experts at diagnosing and fixing these unexpected problems.  Whether your instrument is still under the original warranty, warranty from recertification, or has not been in service for years, we will strive to get your device back in proper working order as quickly as possible.

To send an instrument in for repair, please complete the on-line service Return Authorization Form available in the Forms section of the website, or contact Customer Support for assistance at (314) 429-4000.


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