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Incident Form / Return Material Authorization

Please complete this form and send it along with the item(s) being returned to

Intoximeters, Inc.
2081 Craig Road
St. Louis, MO 63146

If you are sending an item for repair, receipt of this completed form is required for the repair process.

Federal Law concerning the shipment of dangerous goods (Dry Gas Standards): Some versions of the EC/IR and AMCC have Dry Gas Standards housed inside. These should not be in the instruments when they are returned to us for service. The shipment of Dry Gas Standards without proper dangerous goods labeling is against the law. It can also damage the regulator and the instrument if the shipment is subject to rough handling during shipping.

Contact Intoximeters before returning a Dry Gas Standard.

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All repairs are returned via ground service unless otherwise requested. If you would like a faster return method please select an option below.


Please choose the amount of instruments you want to return, this will generate the needed amount of information below.

Note: Intoximeters reserves the right to return the instrument in the same condition as it was received along with an invoice for the appropriate checkout charge per unit, plus all shipping charges if we do not receive a response within 15 days of the e-mailed / faxed estimate.



In-laboratory tolerance, which may differ from the tolerance of your testing program, is defined by a comparison of each of three readings to the expected value, where the difference may be no greater than +/- 5% for incoming results with values over .100 g/210L, and +/- .005 g/210L for values at or under .100 g/210L, and no greater than +/- 3% for outgoing results with values higher than .100 and +/- .003 g/210L for values at or under .003 g/210L, excluding the uncertainty, unless otherwise required by the customer in writing.

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