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Erase AlcoMonitor CC

The instructions listed below are for use with most AlcoMonitor CC instruments. If your instrument does not work accordingly, contact Intoximeters Technical Support for more information.

Test Memory
All test data is stored in the AMCC memory and is retrievable. There are a number of reports that can be generated from the memory: last test can be retrieved easily, a calibration review can be accessed and the entire database can be uploaded to a computer.

The only maintenance that the memory requires is when it is full. The instrument will disable itself and display MEMORY FULL! This display will remain until the data in memory is erased. If it is important that the user maintain a record of all test data performed on the instrument, prior to erasing the memory, there are two available options:

The first option is to upload the stored data to a PC using Intoximeters customized program for the AlcoMonitor CC. IntoxNet is a Windows-based database and communications application designed to support the field use of Intoximeters AMCC. Contact Intoximeters Customer Support for more information.

The second option is to send the AMCC to Intoximeters Technical Department for downloading of stored test data. The unit should be sent in with a completed Return Authorization which authorizes Intoximeters to download the data. The unit will be returned with the data stored on a floppy disk. Charge for this service is $35.00 plus return freight.

If maintaining and storing the data is not essential, the operator may erase the information without performing the upload. The following are instructions for erasing the data stored on your AMCC instrument.

Erasing AMCC Memory

These step by step instructions are for Erasing Memory without first uploading the stored data to a computer using IntoxNet. The erase option can be performed upon command or only when the instrument requires a memory erase indicated by MEMORY FULL displayed.

CAUTION: Once an erase has been initiated all data in memory will be irretrievable.
Turn the AMCC on and allow it to come up to temperature. Access the Maintenance procedures by depressing the MENU button when the instrument is in the ready mode (DATE/TIME displayed). Before the menu pages display the operator must enter a PIN (Personal Identification Number). The PIN is a security feature that limits access to the maintenance menus. A trained supervisor should have this number and know how to generate a valid PIN. Once this number is properly entered the operator can scroll through the menu screens and execute any option. Paging through the several pages of options can be done by continuing to depress the MENU button. To execute one of the options, depress the corresponding number button while that option is displayed. (To exit the menu mode and return to the ready mode, depress the ENTER button).


This is the first screen displayed after entering the Maintenance menu. Depress the MENU button until the erase option screen is displayed.


This is the erase option screen -press #2.


To execute the erase, depress the YES button and hold it down until two audible beeps occur.


The AMCC will perform the function and display this screen indicating a successful erase.

Note: To exit the menu mode and return to the ready mode, depress the ENTER button.


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