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Tank Disposal


Disposal of a refillable compressed dry gas cylinder as specified by the U.S. Department of Transportation DOT 39safety-alerts-hazmat-cylinders (49 CFR & 178.65) regulations that will not be refilled and shipped.

Disposal Considerations

The dry gas tanks you purchase from Intoximeters are considered hazardous materials for shipping purposes because the contents of the cylinders are pressurized. Each state has its own regulations about the disposal of these aluminum cylinders. In all cases, the tanks must be empty prior to disposal. Additionally, in some cases, the valve must be removed or a hole must be made in the tank prior to disposal.

To dispose of your cylinders you must follow Federal, State and local regulations. For specific information regarding the disposal of the cylinders, you should contact your state’s Solid Waste Management Office or your local sanitation department.

Safety Data Sheets will provide pertinent information that will help you explain to your hazardous waste management authorities what type of material you have for disposal.

How to Empty the Tank

Method 1:

  1. Attach regulator to the cylinder
  2. Depress regulator release button until all gas is vented.  Vent escaping gas in a well ventilated area or outside

Method 2:

  1. Purchase a Dry Gas Cylinder Draining Tool from Intoximeters.
  2. For more information on the dry gas Cylinder Draining Tool, please visit the products section of our website or contact Intoximeters Customer Service directly at (314) 429-4000.

View an instructional video for draining a dry gas cylinder here



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