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NRC Collector and Calibration Technician Instructor Training

The NRC Collector and Calibration Technician Instructor Course includes training the student as a breath alcohol collector and as a breath alcohol collector instructor in accordance with the requirements under the NRC Fitness for Duty Rules and Regulations.

The NRC Collector and Calibration Technician Training portion of the course is focused on the needs of Breath Alcohol Collectors responsibilities and how to perform Accuracy Checks and Calibration Adjustments. This section of the course includes the following:

  • NRC Rules and Regulations Review
  • Instrument Nomenclature and Components
  • Sampling Methods
  • Sampling Instruction
    • Mouth Alcohol Concerns
    • Operator Instructions for Subject
  • Quality Assurance Procedures
  • Accuracy Check Procedures
  • Calibration Adjustment Procedures
  • Mock Demonstration of Proficiency

The Instructor Training section of the course provides information to the student to assist them in instructing their students to become a Breath Alcohol Collector under NRC and Calibration Technicians under Intoximeters requirements.
This section includes:

  • Review of Common Challenges in Breath Alcohol Testing
    • Mouth Alcohol
  • Common Troubleshooting Issues with Instrument
  • The Role of the Mock Testing Monitor
  • Common Errors seen during Mock Testing
  • Importance of Logging Accuracy Check and Calibration Adjustment Results
  • Key issues to stress when explaining the Calibration Adjustment Process
  • Facilitation and Presentation Skills
  • Review of Provided Training Materials
  • Q&A Session

NRC Collector and Calibration Technician Instructor Training classes are held at Intoximeters’ St. Louis Training Facility, and at select regional locations across the U.S.

Below are a list of all currently available courses.

If no classes are shown available below, please contact Intoximeters Training Academy at 314-429-4000 for further information.

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