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205 BAT/EBT Fully Online Course

Intoximeters Online Training

This fully online course is available for the RBT IV/Alco-Sensor IV and the Alco-Sensor VXL instruments and qualifies for both DOT initial BAT training and DOT BAT refresher training.  The course includes:
  • 49 CFR Part 40 Rules & Regulations via online Computer Based Training
  • Instrument Proficiency orientation via online Computer Based Training
  • 7 online mock tests via web cam
  • Quality Assurance Plan instruction
  • Accuracy Check instruction

Once the student has successfully completed the online self-study components then a time will be scheduled for an Intoximeters Corporate Trainer to monitor the student performing 7 error-free mock alcohol collections to complete the Instrument Proficiency component of the BAT training. For this portion of the class you must have a working EBT instrument with printer and a valid (not expired) dry gas tank.

Intoximeters will send check sheets and a sample logbook prior to the video conference.  Student(s) must have an adjustable webcam and a high speed internet connection set up and working prior to the webcam session.  In addition, it is required for the student to have a working EBT instrument with printer, a valid dry gas standard with regulator and a partner who can act as a subject for the mock tests.  If 2 people are being trained, you will act as subjects for each other.

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