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Training for the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission FFD Alcohol Testing Programs

What class do I choose?

Register for any of Intoximeters’ workplace classes to meet the training requirements of 10 CFR Part 26.  Be sure to make a comment on your registration that you need NRC-compliant training and we will arrange a break-out session to cover the NRC rules.  View all Workplace Training Courses

What are the Training Requirements for NRC FFD Alcohol Testing?

Subpart E – Collecting Specimens for Testing
26.85 Collector qualifications and responsibilities

(b) Alcohol collector qualifications. Alcohol collectors shall be knowledgeable of the requirements of this part and the FFD policy and procedures of the licensee or other entity for whom collections are performed, and shall keep current on any changes to alcohol collection procedures. Collectors shall receive qualification training meeting the requirements of this paragraph and demonstrate proficiency in applying the requirements of this paragraph before serving as a collector. At a minimum, qualification training must provide instruction on the following subjects:

(1) The alcohol testing requirements of this part;
(2) Operation of the particular alcohol testing device(s) [i.e., the alcohol screening devices (ASDs) or EBTs] to be used, consistent with the most recent version of the manufacturers’ instructions;
(3) Methods to address “problem” collections, including, but not limited to, collections involving “shy lung” and attempts to tamper with a specimen;
(4) How to correct problems in collections; and
(5) The collector’s responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the specimen collection process, carefully ensuring the privacy of the donor, and avoiding any conduct or remarks that might be construed as accusatorial or otherwise offensive or inappropriate.
(c) Alternative collectors. A medical professional, technologist, or technician may serve as a collector without meeting the collector qualification requirements in paragraphs (a) or (b) of this section, as applicable, only if all of the following conditions are met:
(1) A collector who meets the requirements of paragraphs (a) or (b) of this section cannot reasonably be made available at the time the collection must occur;
(2) The individual is not employed by the licensee’s or other entity’s FFD program and his or her normal workplace is not at the licensee’s or other entity’s facility;
(3) The individual does not routinely provide FFD program services to the licensee or other entity;
(4) The individual is licensed or otherwise approved to practice in the jurisdiction in which the collection occurs; and
(5) The individual is provided with detailed, clearly-illustrated, written instructions for collecting specimens under this subpart and follows those instructions.

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