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Law Enforcement Training

Intoximeters law enforcement training provides officers with operating knowledge of the instrument as well as information about accuracy checks and calibrations.  Classes are instrument-specific and are offered on both screening and evidential equipment.  Factory training is intended to improve proficiency by offering general knowledge about operation, test protocols, quality assurance testing and sampling techniques for the specific instrument model on which you are being trained.

Attendance at our law enforcement training courses is limited to bona-fide representatives of law enforcement organizations using Intoximeters equipment.

Our training sessions and materials are not intended to supersede the guidelines set forth by a regulatory authority related to operating procedures, training requirements, quality assurance, maintenance requirements, or testing techniques.

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Training – 1962 Ohio State Patrol  Technical Training      Technical Training    

Intoximeters offers video programs for both the ALCO-SENSOR IV and ALCO-SENSOR III instruments.  Combined with a hands-on session led by an experienced user or a certified trainer, these videos are a comprehensive and thorough means of training operators.  The videos are available on CD-ROM and can be purchased at our Training Aids & Supplies section.

The ALCO-SENSOR FST instrument comes with an on-line training program.  


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