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Intoximeters, Inc. offers a full range of calibration and consumable supplies to support your purchase of our instruments. With availability in both Intoximeters’ facilities and our distributor’s locations these items can be immediately delivered to keep your program running. All of our supplies are designed and selected to specifically support our breath alcohol instruments.

For more information or pricing on supplies contact your local representative.


Intoximeters recommends that testing with instruments manufactured by Intoximeters be performed using only Intoximeters certified parts.  The design of both the fuel cell sensors and the mouthpieces manufactured for use with Intoximeters instruments optimize the instrument’s capability to accurately measure breath alcohol concentrations. Use of unapproved parts may damage the instrument, produce erroneous results and void instrument warranty.

Mouthpiece purchases require a minimum quantity of 200.


Intoximeters Inc. offers a variety of breath tester calibration systems, as well as offering NHTSA approved dry gas and wet bath systems for checking and calibrating both screening and evidential grade instrumentation. To support these devices we also offer all of the necessary calibration device accessories.

Visit Disposable Refillable Compressed Gas Cylinders for information on Tank Disposal.


Intoximeters offers accessories for all the handheld, desktop, portable and transportable lines.  Information about batteries, chargers, cases, cables and other accessories used with Intoximeters’ products can be found in this section of our online store.

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Intoximeters provides all your test result printing needs. We offer various printer styles with all the printer paper, ribbons and cartridges to match. In addition to plain paper we offer common DOT and Non-DOT forms.

BAT Training Aids & Supplies

In addition to our large catalog of course offerings, The Intoximeters Training Department provides an extensive line of training materials and supplies. All training materials (and courses) provide up-to-date information and the latest in learning technology.

Choose from computer based training programs, training videos, training material, tests, certificates and classroom aids.


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