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Erase Alco-Sensor IV w/ Memory

The instructions listed below are for use with most Alco-Sensor IV with Memory instruments. If your instrument does not work accordingly, contact Intoximeters Technical Support for more information.

Test Memory
The Alco-Sensor IV has limited test memory capability. As a result, from time to time, instruments that do not offer a FIFO (FIRST IN FIRST OUT) memory option will require the test data to be erased. If it is important that the user maintain a record of all test data performed on the instrument, prior to erasing the memory, there are two available options:

First, the user can print a listing of all tests in memory by selecting PRNT MEM? from the option menu (necessary equipment to use this option is 1) a compatible printer with paper, 2) cable connector, 3) function switch key, 4) mouthpiece)):

1) Power the printer ON and have it properly connected to the Alco-Sensor IV.
2) To enter the Option Menu depress the Recall Button and hold down while inserting the mouthpiece.
3) Release and depress the Recall Button until PRNT MEM? is displayed.
4) Press the Manual Button to execute the printing of the entire Memory

The second option is to upload the data to a PC using Intoximeters upload program: Total Recall, a software data storage option.  If you need information or wish to purchase the software contact Intoximeters Customer Support.

Both of these options will allow you to erase the stored data following printing or uploading the data.

If data storage is not an issue, the following are instructions for erasing the data stored on your Alco-Sensor IV memory instrument.

Erasing Test Data from the Alco-Sensor IV with MemoryThese step by step instructions are for Erasing Memory without first Uploading or Printing the stored data to a computer.

CAUTION: Once an erase has been completed all data in memory will be irretrievable.

Erasing Test Data from the Alco-Sensor IV with Memory
1) Remove the battery cover
2) Depress Switch F3 with the function switch key while the mouthpiece is inserted.The ASIV w/M will display ERS?
3) If Switch F3 is pressed a second time ERSD will appear and a beep will be heard indicating the memory is erased.This Erase Memory option offers a simple means to erase data without requiring a complete memory dump to a printer or computer.

4) The ASIV w/M will then beep reminding you to eject the mouthpiece.

5) Replace the battery cover.



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