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Attachment of Quick Draw Retainer Ring

  1. Press Inlet Guard onto Inlet Stem. This protects the fuel cell from glue exposure.
  2. Set ring on Inlet Shoulder so that the two pins on the ring`s base are up against the rib of the Alco Sensor Case Front and that the straight shoulders on top of the ring are parallel to the rib also. Pins will be flush against rib in one direction only.
  3. Hold the unit in an upright position. Place tip of glue applicator in the corner of the ring where it meets the shoulder of the Inlet Stem. A small drop is all that is needed. Apply another drop on the opposite side.
  4. Glue should run around entire seam between ring and shoulder, if not apply a third or fourth drop on opposite sides.
  5. Care should be taken so that you only place glue within the ring and avoid dripping it on the case parts, as it will mar the finish.
  6. To remove excess glue, use corners of cut paper towel squares to blot off excess.
  7. Allow ring to dry overnight before use.
  8. Remove Inlet Guard from Inlet Stem. A little practice with the glue and applicator on any scrap material will go a long way to assuring a professional looking job.

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